Packages & Rates

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Moose Hunting Packages

Moose Hunt: (2×1 guiding)  $6200 US.

Moose Hunt: (1×1 guiding)  $7200 US.

Black Bear Hunting Packages

Fall Standard Black Bear Hunt: (2×1 guiding)  $4000 US. (per hunter).

Fall Standard Black Bear Hunt: (1×1 guiding)  $4900 US. (per hunter).

Add second bear: $1500 US.

Combo Packages

Moose/Bear Combo: (5 Day hunt – 2×1 guiding)  $7700 US. Per hunter.
Moose/Bear Combo: (5 Day hunt -1×1 guiding)  $8700 US. Per hunter.

Spring Black Bear Hunt

Black Bear Hunt: $3800 US. Per hunter.
Cast and Blast Bear/Fishing: (1×1 guiding) $4800 US. Per client.
To hunt a second bear: $1500 US.

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Island Safaris offers a very wide variety of hunting, fishing and wilderness related packages. We have a wide variety of big game hunts along with excellent winged hunting for ptarmagin and grouse, and for a wide variety of waterfowl. Island Safaris also offers a wide wariety of fishing adventures, including both spin fishing and specialising in fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Sea Run Brook Trout, and Brook Trout.

Island Safaris also offers a varietly of combo big game hunts for Moose, Black Bear and Caribou. This gives hunters the option of being able to hunt more than one animal while on a hunt. For more detailed information on all our packages please visit






Newfoundland has some of the most impressive fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout found anywhere.  Island Safaris offers access to a wide range of rivers some of which are considered to be some of the best rivers in Newfoundland.  We do provide a short season where Cast and Blast opportunities are available as well. For more information on Newfoundland Sports Fishing and our wide range of fishing adventures please visit